As of January 2015 BRISTOL SCIENTIFIC COMPANY is proud to announce its new membership scheme dubbed the BSC EXPRESS CLUB™.

In response to numerous requests BRISTOL SCIENTIFIC COMPANY has implemented a regular BSC EXPRESS CLUB™ SHIPMENT! The next BSC EXPRESS CLUB™ SHIPMENT is set for WEDNESDAY 18 MARCH 2015 and every three weeks thereafter. The BSC EXPRESS CLUB™ SHIPMENT is in addition to our regular standard shipments.

The BSC EXPRESS CLUB™ allows its members to place an EXPRESS ORDER in ANY of the BSC EXPRESS CLUB™ SHIPMENTS scheduled for the following twelve months. This means that you could have anything up to SIXTEEN opportunities to place a BSC EXPRESS CLUB™ ORDER. The full list of scheduled BSC EXPRESS CLUB™ SHIPMENTS for 2015 can be found below.

The annual membership fee to join the BSC EXPRESS CLUB™ is ONLY N45,000! and only members of the BSC EXPRESS CLUB™ will be included in these shipments. This means that if you believe you will place more than one order for our products in the following 12 months then the BSC EXPRESS CLUB™ is the smart choice for you. 

Until recently the only option available to customers preferring to receive their goods faster than the standard 4-6 weeks was to request an EXPRESS SHIPMENT for an additional fee of N32,500. Assuming that their items were eligible, this was the only way to ensure that their goods were delivered in record time. In other words two EXPRESS SHIPMENTS would cost you N65,000 while up to SIXTEEN BSC EXPRESS CLUB™ SHIPMENTS will cost you ONLY the yearly N45,000 fee!

The above option still exists for our customers who prefer to place an EXPRESS SHIPMENT at their own convenience or do not expect to place more than a single urgent order in the coming year.

Note that not all items are eligible for EXPRESS SHIPMENT. All hazardous goods are excluded. Please ask a member of staff for terms and conditions. 

Kindly contact a member of the BSC sales team if you are interested to join or require further clarifications on the BSC EXPRESS CLUB™.


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