Searching for the products that best suits your requirements can be a confusing task. This step by step guide is meant to assist you in making this process simple and effficient.

You may prefer to take a virtual tour of this resource by clicking on TAKE A TOUR. We encourage you to do this, as it is easier to tour the system, than to try and follow a written guide. The tour has been configured to show you the most effective way of navigating the resource and searching for products and information. The Tours require the Adobe Flash Player plug-in for proper viewing which can be downloaded for FREE below.

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Sigma-Aldrich is a worldwide company and because the restrictions of both the exportation and importation of chemicals can vary from country to country it is important that you begin your search in the appropriate place: SIGMA-ALDRICH NIGERIA WEBSITE.

You will find a page that looks like the page shown below. Note that the image below is cropped and only the top of the page is shown here.

Focus on the "Search box" located in the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER of the website. Click in the "Search box", to position your cursor, and then type or paste in the term(s) you are looking for in order to perform an initial search (e.g. “product search” as done below). Once ready press the "Enter key" on your keyboard or click the search icon (magnifying glass icon) at the end of the "Search box".

A search is then performed and you should get a result screen which shows you appropriate matches or a screen that indicates no results were found to match your search request.

In this case, the search has returned some "Product Results" matches, as well as matches in "Technical Documents", in "Site Content" and "Papers", as shown below. You can see at the top of the grey box on the left hand side, just below the country locator, indicating with a red vertical bar that "Product Results" are displayed in the screen shown. Below "Product Results", you see "Technical Documents", "Site Content" and "Papers".

Click on "Site Content", to change the display and show the site content results.

You will see that there are 275 results, which you can explore by scrolling down the page. The results are by default, displayed starting with the most relevant at the top of the page.

As you scroll down the page, you will see that the most relevant guides appear within the first page – there are over 5 pages, that you can explore by clicking the page number link at the bottom right hand corner of the displayed page.

Let’s take the first result – Product Search. Click on the link "Product Search" and it will take you to a page that helps guide you as to how the product search works – it is a one-page summary, covering the various fields that are searched. A screen shot is shown below.

You will notice the navigation tools on the left side of the page above - these allow you to move to other online guides, such as "Search and Refinement". These tools help you to search more effectively.

"Search and Refinements" results are very useful for narrowing down a search to the best match items, without using a very long search string in the primary search.

For example, start with the search term glucose (1397 product results found!).

You can then search within these results, for example adding "cell culure" to the search terms narrows down to 52 product results. You will also notice various other possible refinements (in the grey left hand side panel) that you can apply to your search results by clicking on the appropriate boxes. "Antibodies" or "Cell Biology" are two of these possible category refinements.

Another useful search tool is "Comparison Tables". These allow side-by-side comparisons of up to 4 products, where you visualise the main properties of each product as well as the pack size availability.

We encourage you to explore this option as you can find a best match product and appropriate alternatives, as required.

As an example, a search for CAS number 50-99-7 has returned several options for D-(+)-glucose.

You can then select upto 4 products, by clicking the box next to each product code, for a comparison table view, as done below.

You then click on the compare button which can be found towards the bottom of the grey box on the left hand side.

Your comparison table will then appear as below.

Finding the product you need should be an easier task now! If you are still having trouble identifying the product best suited to your particular application please contact out technical team by email or by using our contact form.