About Bristol Scientific

Bristol Scientific was founded on a simple idea – to make high quality laboratory chemicals available at affordable prices to post-graduate science students in Nigeria. Our passionate team was able to achieve this by successfully overcoming many of the challenges inherent to working in Nigeria and developing a sophisticated logistics supply chain allowing Bristol Scientific to shorten the time between order and delivery, and making the distribution of its products to the remotest corners of the country a reality. Making fine chemicals from the world’s best know laboratory brands affordable to scientists without imposing minimum order quantities or exorbitant shipping fees was a new idea that quickly cemented Bristol Scientific as the partner of choice to students and professors at universities and research institutions across the nation.

Today Bristol Scientific has become a leader in the door-to-door and cold-chain importation and distribution of laboratory products with loyal customers across all 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria and beyond. While we have proudly grown into the largest stockists of laboratory equipment, consumables and chemicals we have never forgotten our original mission and Bristol Scientific reaffirms on a daily basis its commitment to making Nigeria and West Africa safer, cleaner and healthier.

Our products today can be found in university laboratories accompanying students on their journeys to complete their projects and research, in the quality control laboratories of the leading manufacturers including those in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetics and petroleum industries, in private and public research laboratories developing the healthcare solutions of tomorrow, in diagnostic laboratories, in teaching hospitals and in the remotest parts of the countries aiding doctors in diagnosing diseases more efficiently than ever before. Wether it is the drugs you give your children, the water you drink at home or the medical treatment you receive Bristol Scientific is committed to making sure we contribute to making them safer, cleaner and you and your loved ones healthier.

Leveraging our international expertise with our locally relevant teams it is no surprise that Bristol Scientific continues to be the partner of choice to both suppliers looking for a reliable distributor in West Africa and to customers looking to access the quality products they need to achieve their goals. Our portfolio has grown into the largest of any scientific company in the country and we are able provide our valued customers with innovative laboratory working technologies and assist with the implementation of methods to boost their competitiveness, by making their processes more productive, more efficient, and cost effective.  

Partnering with our customers for procurement solutions for both new construction of laboratory facilities as well as for daily laboratory consumables we undertake to provide solutions that meet cost and schedule requirements. As a member of the American Business Council in Nigeria we bring to bear a heritage of international know-how and an unquestionable standard of delivery that is reflected in our every operation. 

Bristol Scientific is committed to ensuring you can focus on your research and patients without worrying about how the products you need will get to you. We look forward to welcoming you as our newest satisfied customers.